Monday, February 27, 2017

Tulip Queue

I love spring flowers, daffodils being my favorite. But coming in a very close second are tulips! This is a Penny Black stamp, and I used two other "contraband" items on this card, as well. One is the gold glitter brush that I used on the Bee Happy card. And the other is the stitched banner from My Favorite Things. Oops, make that three other contraband items....I used Arches Aquarelle 140 lb. cold-press watercolor paper, too.

Those gold-glittered tulips just begged for more glitter, so the mat is Mint Macaron Glimmer Paper, one of the free Sale-A-Bration choices! I'm trying REALLY HARD not to hoard that stuff, but I am making it last as long as I can, so here's my handy dandy thrifty tip for the day.....DON'T use the entire mat of glimmer paper under your image! That's just wasting all of that glittery loveliness!

You can die-cut some shapes out of the center first, making sure you leave enough of a border, or you can cut the center out like I did. First of all, I always switch the good blade out of my Stampin' Trimmer for an old blade when I'm going to cut glimmer paper. That glimmer paper can make your blade dull in a hurry!

Next, I line up the right edge of paper on the 1/2" mark to the right of the cutting track. Note that I have the paper face-down. It's easier for me to see the cut lines that way.

Starting 1/2" from the bottom of the paper, slide the blade up the paper and stop 1/2" from the top. Do that on all four sides, and you end up with a lovely frame to use for your mat, and an equally lovely leftover piece to be used another time!

Now don't forget to put the good blade back in your trimmer!

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