Sunday, February 12, 2017

Happiness is a Chicken with Dreadlocks

It was of absolutely no surprise to me to learn that the Hey Chick stamp set from Sale-A-Bration is the biggest hit, by far. Seriously, who doesn't love a chicken that's having a bad hair day?! Making a card with this set and sending it to a friend or loved one is sure to bring them a smile (or giggle).

I felt kind of off-kilter all day today. Maybe it was from taking Mom home yesterday, or perhaps it was the weird weather. It was cloudy and breezy, so I assumed it was also chilly, as it has been. Then I looked at the thermometer and indoors it was 67 degrees, but outside was a balmy 74! I was totally duped by the clouds and wind! I opened all the windows and doors to let the air in, and it was so refreshing. But did absolutely nothing to clear the cobwebs in my head, unfortunately. So, short story long, that's why my post is so late today. Just couldn't get past the brain fog until after supper.

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  1. Oh my, Cindy!!! I absolutely love this!!I chose the Hey Chick Stamp set from the Sale-Bration catalog. I love this set!! Thank you so much for sharing your card design!! Love it, Love it!!

    1. Thanks, Susie! The chickens in it just crack me up every time I see them! Glad you got yours, because I have a feeling they may run out before the end of SAB. 😊


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