Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Embellishment Opportunities

If you've been a card maker for any length of time, no doubt you've heard the expression, "There are no mistakes, only opportunities for embellishment." Well, in my haste to get the last of the Christmas cards finished, I had not one, but TWO opportunities on the same set of cards. Needless to say, some choice words were muttered under my breath.

So, here, in all their glory, are the "opportunities."  The first one was when I was getting ready to stamp the greeting and dropped the stamp on the upper right corner of the image panel. I didn't take a picture of that one, but this was the result, after I fixed it:

Since the greeting was higher than I originally intended it, there was a lot of white space below it, which called for sequins to balance it out. More embellishments, right?

When the second opportunity presented itself (accompanied by more choice words), I figured this would be a great time to show you that all is not lost if you make a mistake, so I did take a photo. Most of the those "oopsies" can be fixed! On this one, I had finished watercoloring all the poinsettias, and was getting ready to run them through Mr. Big with the largest stitched rectangle die, when I saw this:

Grumble, grumble..... I have no idea where the green smudge came from, since my hands were completely free of any green ink! Now red was another story entirely; I looked like I needed stitches, haha. Since I really wanted to get the cards mailed Tuesday, and had just EXACTLY the right number of cards, I wasn't inclined to start over! Here is the result:

And you know what? I kind of really like the added banners! Note: This stamp set (Joyful Christmas) is retired, but Reason for the Season would be a good substitute. And bonus - it's in the annual catalog along with the DSP, so you can get an early start on next year's cards!

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