Saturday, December 24, 2016

Computer Woes

Yesterday, a day when there would normally be a new blog post, was spent trying to save my laptop. Thank heavens for my resident computer "expert" (aka husband), who spent all day trying to figure out why it wouldn't wake up from hibernation, and then backing up all my data when he finally did get it to wake up.

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I had pictures on my camera I needed to upload, and no way to do it. My iPad is great for checking email and general Internet surfing, but I can't do anything on my blog with it, and can't use it for uploading and editing photos from the Sony camera.

All this (too much) info just to say, Merry Christmas Eve, and here is a quick picture of the goody boxes sent out Thursday. The box is a retired Stampin' Up! large gift box, but it was the perfect size for bags of homemade sweets to be sent to loved ones!

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