Monday, September 5, 2016

Recycled Christmas

What do you do with your leftover scraps when you make a card? Do you keep the larger pieces and toss the little ones? I used to save them all, but it got to the point that scraps were threatening to take over my craft room, so now I'm just keeping the larger bits and tossing the smaller. (Unless it's glimmer or foil paper; I'm keeping every minuscule morsel, because I just know that I'll use them..... someday.)

What about the negatives from die cuts? I usually toss those, too, but not this time. I was making a ton of swaps this weekend and had a bunch of the negatives from the tree in Santa's Sleigh. As I was cutting, I tossed the leftovers aside, and one landed on a piece of DSP. It looked so pretty that this CAS card was born! So all those 'negatives' are positively being recycled into some Christmas cards this year.

I'm tellin' ya, inspiration is everywhere, if you just keep your eyes open! Have a fun and safe Labor Day!

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  1. Your fortuitous toss sure turned into a nice card! I know what you mean about saving those tiny pieces of foil and glitter. They cost too much to throw any piece away! And they do make sparkly little accents no matter how small!

    1. Thanks, Patricia! I think it's not so much the cost as it is the magpie in me can't bear to part with anything shiny. LOL!


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