Sunday, January 1, 2017

My New Year's Wish for You!

I love brand new years! It's a blank canvas that I can paint in any way that I want; new beginnings, so full of promise! My wish for you all this year (besides the obvious good health, prosperity, and love wishes, which I always want for you) is that you make the time to create. Don't do so much "adulting" that you don't have time to play. It's SO important for your mental health! I can't stress that enough.

Make something pretty, something that makes your heart happy. No, making the bed doesn't count, even if it does make you happy. I'm talking artistic expression here, folks. I don't care if it's card making, coloring in a coloring book, painting, scrap booking, quilting....whatever. Just take the time to create something at least once a week. Preferably more often than that, but I know how reality is, lol. And if you do make a card - send it to someone! You'll brighten their day, after having brightened yours when you made it!!!

Even better.....get together with a friend and be creative together! Share your passion with someone else. It more than doubles the fun! My BFF and I are separated by too many miles, but it doesn't stop us from being creative together on challenges that we like to do, and texting/calling each other to share. And I am blessed to get together with new stamping friends every month here in Tennessee.

So, my friends, Happy Creative New Year to you, and I hope to bring you much inspiration this year!
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  1. Happy New Year, Cindy!! What wonderful wishes you have for us. Thank you!! I especially like you asking us to try to be creative at least once a week.It's so easy to get caught up in a whilwind of should do's. It's nice to be reminded to take time to breath and have fun creating! Love you!!


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