Saturday, June 16, 2018

World's Most Expesive Jam

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This is one of the cards we made in the stamp club this week. It was inspired by a similar card I saw on Pinterest by Monica Gale, from the U.K.

It's been a crazy couple of days here. Yesterday was our anniversary, and I thought it would be great fun to go to a U-pick berry farm and pick some raspberries and blueberries. Well, the early crop of blueberries was already done, and the mid-season ones weren't ready. Darn! However, the raspberries were in peak, and we picked a gallon so I could make jam, then headed home.

Heart's Delight Cards, Botanical Bliss, Hello Friend, Stampin' Up!

I was just turning onto the highway when my power steering quit working, all the idiot lights came on, and the car died. Fortunately, I had enough momentum to get safely over to the shoulder. So there we sat, dead in the water, fifty-six miles from home. And it was hot. And we weren't familiar with the area at all. And did I mention it was hot?

Heart's Delight Cards, Botanical Bliss, Hello Friend, Stampin' Up!

My honey walked to the Auto Zone store that was nearby, and got the number for a tow truck company (really nice owner/operator) who hauled us to the nearest Toyota dealer almost an hour away. The Toyota dealer got us hooked up with a rental car so we could get our berries home, and let the dog out to go potty. She'd been stuck in the house for over six hours by the time we got home!

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Today I made seedless raspberry jam, and got four pints out of it. Between the cost for the tow truck, the rental car, and the repairs to my car, I figure each of those four pints cost us about $300 to make. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you The World's Most Expensive Jam....

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  1. Oh no, Cindy! What nightmare of a day..but the way you wrote it is hysterical!!! I know that once you taste that labor intensive will all be worth it!!!

    1. Glad it gave you a giggle, Susie! I figure I can laugh about adversity, or cry. Once we got over the “Oh crap, what do we do now?!” reaction, we got it figured out, and all was well. 😁

  2. oh dear, but I best it tasted very good!


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