Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Cheery Chirps Joy

I thought I heard some chirps coming from this stamp set on the shelf saying, "Hey, remember me?" I think it was to remind me how sweet and whimsical these little birds are, and what a joy to color.

Even though I had other plans, I couldn't resist the plaintive plea for some love, so I made one of those 'use what you have on your craft table' cards. Yep, everything on this card was sitting in one place or another on my very messy desk. Oh wait, that's not entirely true...the ribbon was neatly tucked into the ribbon holder on the shelf. *shock!*

Anyway, I though it would be a good way to use up some of the crafting debris litter stuff, rather than add more to the overflowing bits box. And it turned out so cute, I made more of them for a swap that I'm in!

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