Friday, June 16, 2017

Mom's Coming!

Yesterday was our anniversary, but we were too tired to go out and celebrate after working in the yard and garden. Today was spent preparing for Mom's two week visit, so we were tired again, but we did manage to go to Sagebrush Steakhouse for a fabulous dinner. Best steak we've had in a long time! Might have been partly due to we hadn't eaten since breakfast and we were FAMISHED, but still, the steak was tender, juicy, seasoned and cooked to perfection.

Our server was great, very attentive, and surprised us at the end with a brownie sundae dessert. We were absolutely stuffed from dinner, but ate most of it anyway. Couldn't get it to go, since it involved a warm brownie and ice cream, and we certainly didn't want it to go to waste!

Then, coming home, this was the view as we came down our driveway. The garden is coming along nicely! Beans have sprouted, corn is about six inches high, and we have baby tomatoes!

Soooo, I don't have a card for you today, because the past few days have been focused on things other than my craft room (darn it!). Once we get Mom settled in tomorrow, I hope to sneak in and get a quick card made.....especially since UPS brought more stamping goodies today!

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