Saturday, January 5, 2013

Love Note Treat Box Tutorial

Hello, stampers! I promised to show you how to make the treat box from last weekend's blog hop, so here you go! The first picture below shows the cutting and scoring diagram with basic instructions. For some of you, that's all you'll need to be off and runnning.


For others (like yours truly), it helps to have step-by-step instructions with pictures, so that is what follows.  You can click on any picture to enlarge it for detail.

I hope you enjoy making this cute little box! It would be adorable with a heart-shaped window and the top filled with candy conversation hearts!

The materials and tools you need are:
Simply Scored Scoring Tool
Stampin’ Trimmer
Sticky Strip
Cardstock 8½" x 10"
DSP 3" x 3¾"
2½" Ribbon (taffeta works well)
If cutting a window, you will also need:
Big Shot
Die for cutting window
3" x 3¾" Window sheet (acetate sheet)

1.       On long side, score cardstock at ½", 2", 5¼", and 6¾". (Forgot to draw dotted lines on this step, sorry!)

2.       Rotate cardstock 90° clockwise. On short side, score cardstock at 1½", 5½", and 7¾".

3.       Cut on solid lines at top and bottom, as shown.

4.       Trim off excess from ½" score line, leaving ½" tab.

5.    With the trimmed ½" tab against the top of the trimmer, fold back the two 3¼" flaps and line the folds up on the ½" line of trimmer. Cut off excess, leaving ½".

7.       Align score line of TOP LID with groove of trimmer and trim off  ¾". Don’t cut the INSIDE TREAT FLAP!

8.   Align the score line on TOP LID with the ¾" line on Stampin’ Trimmer and using scoring blade, score on INSIDE TREAT FLAP ONLY.

9.   Round corners on TOP LID. Score ¾" from rounded corners (this flap tucks in). Go back and enlarge your cuts so they look like narrow Vs. (This helps the box close properly.) Your box should look like this (Note: from this point on, dotted lines aren't shown):

10.   Adhere DSP over center panel on BOX FRONT, as shown.

11.   Fold back the TOP LID and INSIDE TREAT FLAP (so it will fit through Big Shot) and cut the opening using desired die. Note: The die will leave an impression on TREAT FLAP. Helpful hints: Make sure the top of the window opening will be at least ¾" below score line, so bottom of INSIDE TREAT FLAP won’t show when finished. Also, hold the die in place with a sticky note to keep it from shifting while cutting.


12.   Adhere window sheet inside window, and apply Sticky Strip to bottom flap, and vertically to the INSIDE TREAT FLAP, as shown.

13.   Fold box and apply ribbon to INSIDE TREAT FLAP; adhere ribbon halfway down on adhesive, then loop ribbon back and adhere end on remaining adhesive.


14.   Adhere side flap to box back.

15.  Fold up bottom flaps and adhere. Tuck INSIDE TREAT FLAP into box, and close TOP LID.

Remember, if you need any of these materials or tools, I can help you - just click on the "Shop Here 24/7" link on the left! If you have a question, my contact info is there, too.

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