Saturday, August 11, 2012

Gotta Brag (Just a Little)

When I got back from Convention, my grandkids were in town visiting their daddy (our son). So Grandma Cindy and Papa Tom had them over for our traditional "Build Your Own Pizza" night and a movie and sleep over.  They also each made a card, and they turned out awesome!

Taylor, age 13, has been into scrapbooking and cardmaking for a while, and it shows. She's a natural, with a great eye for layout and color. Her marker-to-stamp technique turned out well.  This was done without any guidance from Grandma!

Trent, age 11, chose to stamp his in black and color it with the markers.  I like the variety in the three brads he chose to embellish the side. He definitely wanted to use the Big Shot to add texture to the background, which I think is a clear indication that he is MY grandson!


  1. WOW! that's wonderful work Trent and Taylor. They are both so good I just can't pick a favorite. ('hope that spelling is correct, in Ireland and the U.K.and perhaps Canada we spell it 'favourite')

  2. Christmas in July - always enjoy seeing Christmas card ideas.

  3. They must get it from you! I'd be pretty proud too!


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