Monday, November 22, 2010

A Poinsettia CASE

Today I am eternally thankful for the talented people who so freely share their creative genius on their blogs....without whom I would be stuck for inspiration.  Occasionally two of my brain cells bump into each other and I'll have a great idea of my own.  But more often than not, I turn to the creativity of others to help get my mojo going.

Today's card is just such a piece.  This card was the source of creativity for today, found on Deb Burgins's blog, Heartfelt Inkspiration.  Thanks, Deb, for getting some ideas popping in my head!!!


  1. Very pretty card, CASEd or not. I know exactly how you feel and thank goodness for all the help in blogland.

  2. Gorgeous card! Great use of patterns and textures!

  3. So pretty! All of the different pieces are great on their own and work together so beautifully.
    p.s. I'm still waiting for my brain cells to bump into each other ;)

  4. Great CASE. So pretty. Also great use of DSP!

  5. The patterned paper really complements the embossing! Lovely job coloring too!


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