Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Labeled Dividers

When I made the dividers for labeling the DSP in the bins, I took pictures. But then I thought "No one would be interested in this" so I didn't post them. Well, I was wrong, so I'm posting them now! Thank you, Barbara, for asking!

I repurposed the thick white backing sheets that come in the DSP packs. You will be able to cut four dividers (4-1/2" x 6") from each sheet. If the lettering bothers you (I didn't mind, since it would be covered), then you will get three clean dividers.

Here is how I made them tabbed:
  1. I wanted to cut 3" off the divider to make the tab, so I placed a piece of Washi tape on the Stampin' Trimmer at the spot where I wanted to stop the cut.
  2. The divider was placed so the right long edge was at the 3/4" line, then I slid the cutting blade down to the Washi "stop" point.
  3. The excess was trimmed off with Paper Snips.
  4. The Envelope Punch Board was used to punch the "tabs" by sliding the tab edge in to the exact middle of the punch.
  5. This was done on each side.
  6. Then it was simple to label everything with a fine-tip Sharpie!

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  1. Hi Cindy! Thank so much for sharing this. I have ordered the container you suggested and can't wait to get my gigantic collection of DSP organized. I hope this goes through because I posted a comment yesterday but it didn't post.

    1. It can through this time! Thank YOU so much for commenting. I wish you success with taming that huge collection - I know how daunting it can be!!!

  2. Just found your post. Could you please tell me where I can order the container to hold the paper. I will go ahead and make some dividers. Thanks so much.

    1. Hi, Cheryl! My post on January 27th ("Happy Saturday - Let's Get Organized!") has the link to the containers on Amazon. It's in the paragraph between the two pictures of the containers. They are AWESOME!

      Or you can copy and paste http://amzn.to/2Fil8uA I don't think it will be a clickable link here in the comments. It is an affiliate link, which means I'll get a small fraction back, with no cost to you. Thank you!


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