Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

So somehow I miscalculated how many Christmas cards I would need this year, and ended up ten short. Eep! Since I wanted to use the adorable Home for Christmas DSP as the focal point, I figured I could just whip out ten quick cards. But nooOOOoo....I got hung up on the vintage cuteness of the little reindeer and ended up fussy-cutting them to use on the cards.

And did I choose just one for each card? NooOOOoo, I had to use two on each card. Sheesh. But I think they did turn our super cute, so it was worth it. (I hope the recipients appreciated how much work went into their cards!)

What I didn't realize when cutting them all out, was that the direction they were facing would make a difference in the balance of the card. With the standing deer on the right, the card looked lopsided, so I had to do some fiddling of embellishments to help it look right.

So, which one do you like better? My original above, or the "fiddled" one below?

Unfortunately, the Home for Christmas DSP is already sold out, but the wooden Snowflake Elements are still available until Jan. 4, while supplies last!

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  1. The cards are absolutely adorable. Those deer are so cute, plus you have so many visiting you now that they are even more special on your card :)


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