Monday, October 11, 2010

Greeting Card Kids

Aaand, a couple more cards from Jill's Demonstrator Day. (Really, you should sign up just so you can participate in this!  I'm not kidding!!!)
 Aren't these just the cutest darn images?  So sweet, and old-fashioned looking!  These were colored with Aqua Painters and Watercolor Wonder Crayons (which, I'm told, are finally going to be available soon).  The manufacturer had some problems, but they've since been resolved, so the new colors in these fabulous watercolor crayons are right around the corner!!!
Mom had her first appointment today and it's not looking too good.  They did an ultrasound and immediately referred her to a GYN oncologist.  Also, the doctor actually referred to the mass in her kidney as "carcinoma" without even having done a biopsy yet, so they must be pretty certain it is malignant. My heart is so heavy.


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  2. Oh, Cindy...I am so sorry to hear about Marty. If anyone can get through something like this with a smile and a positive attitude, it is your mother. I wish I could be closer, if for nothing more than a shoulder to lean or cry on....I love you so..God bless you all

  3. Oh, Cindy, I'm so sorry that the news does not seem to be good for your Mom. It must be so very difficult for you and your family. Hang in there! Your Mom is so fortunate that she can count on you to be a source of inspiration and comfort as she works her way through this process. Praying for grace and strength for all of you.

  4. These cards are so adorable. I am so sorry to hear about your mom. I pray she receives good news and will be on the road to recovery soon. I'm a new follower from Stampin' Connection.


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