Monday, December 20, 2021

Stamp Review Crew - Sweet Little Stockings

Welcome to the Stamp Review Crew's Sweet Little Stockings edition! The "Crew" is made up of a group of Stampin' Up! demonstrators from around the world who pick a stamp set or bundle to highlight on the first and third Mondays of each month, with a bonus hop if there is a fifth Monday. If you landed here from Betty's blog, Kitty Stamps, welcome! There are only four of us today - I think everyone is busy with last minute holiday things.

Sweet Little Stockings is an adorable 22 piece photopolymer set with a coordinating 22 piece die set called Stockings Dies. I love the cute animal images, but even if you aren't into cute animals (and why wouldn't you be?) the three styles of stocking, two wrapped gifts, and assorted accessories are still a great "must have." Sadly, this set is not carrying over, so get it before Jan. 3rd when the current mini ends!

I only had time for one card today, but it features a subject near and dear to my heart. I always wanted to live in the country, have a big old barn and some barn kitties. Well, the first two things happened six years ago, and the barn kitties happened last month!

So without further ado, may I introduce Sandy, Smoky, and Snickerdoodle! Sandy and Snickerdoodle are kind of cream colored, and the only way I can tell them apart is Snickerdoodle is a lot fluffier.

The barn kitties are semi feral, and were dumped with our rescue pup Luke at the church near us. At first they wouldn't even show themselves, but we knew they were around because the food we put out was eaten, and our trail cam showed it was cats and not raccoons eating it. They are slowly warming up, but not to the point where I can even think about petting them. Right now they barely tolerate me watching them eat. 😁 Anyhoo, our fur kid family tripled last month, and we are very happy about that!

That's my share for today, so click NEXT to see what Lou at With a Bow on Top has made!

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  1. So cute! lol about the kittys I sure miss having a cat hopefully I will be able to get another one eventually. Thank you fro being part of the crew!


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