Sunday, July 3, 2011

Jammin' With My Digital Studio!

My sweet hubby downloaded some cute frames for me, and as soon as I saw the one with the apron, I knew exactly what my theme for this page would be!  Earlier this year, my daughter wanted to learn about canning and preserving. What better way to start than with strawberry jam? It couldn't get much easier, and is a fun (and delicious!) way to introduce the basics of canning.
I saved the downloaded frames in a file, and after opening a new page in MDS, I opened a photo frame and imported the appropriate frame from the file.  Then I opened another photo frame and inserted the picture of Shawn. It had to be resized slightly, and then the first "photo" of the wooden frame had to be brought forward, so the basket of berries wasn't covered by the corner of the her picture.

Hope you all have a wonderful Independence Day tomorrow! (And yes, I have Bob Marley stuck in my head, lol.)


  1. Super cute page! That frame is adorable!

  2. Everything about this page is just awesome - the jam, your daughter, the jam, the colors, the jam...

  3. What a fun page! Thanks for the notes on how you created it!

    We're jammin'....I hope you like jammin' too...

  4. Love this page and the frame! Thanks for the reminder that you can import other downloads into MDS.


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