Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Sarah Kay Noel Collection

The new Sarah Kay Noel Collection images being released for the 2009 holiday season are so adorable, and they are perfect for coloring with Copic markers. They are available for pre-ordering right now. Just click on the links below to see what's available. I can't wait to get my paws on them!

Noel Charity
Noel Eve

Noel Faith
Noel Joy
Noel Peace
Noel Santa

Noel Shepherd
Noel Stocking
Noel Treats

Speaking of Copic markers, have you seen the new Pale Copic Sketch markers? They are the answer to my prayers for really, really light background shading around an image. These are the new colors:

V0000 Rose Quartz,
BV0000 Pale Thistle, R0000 Pink Beryl, RV0000 Evening Rose, Y0000 Yellow Fluorite, YR0000 Pale Chiffon, G0000 Crystal Opal, YG0000 Lily White, B0000 Pale Celestine, BG0000 Snow Green, C00 Cool Gray, W00 Warm Gray.

Everyone seems to be sold out of them at the moment, but Ellen Hutson has ordered a bunch more and you can place an order one of three ways (see below) by sending an email to
  1. Please send me an invoice for the new set of markers - I would like to preorder and pay for my markers at this time. I am aware that you do not have a date as to when they will arrive in your warehouse, but trust that you will send them as soon as you receive them. (We will not take preorders once we reach the total number of marker sets we have on order at this time. Once we reach our limit we will notify you and put you on a waiting list.) OR
  2. Please add me to an email list to be notified when more markers become available on your store, Ellen Hutson LLC. I would like to purchase them from you, but would prefer to wait until they become available and I am willing to take a chance that you might run out again. OR
  3. Please add me to the list of those who are interested in purchasing these markers within the next year, I would like to let Copic know that I am most definitely going to be purchasing these new pale color Copic markers within the next 12 months, I am saving my money and I can guarantee you that these are a must have - so please order in more.
Trust me, these new colors are da bomb!

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