Thursday, July 23, 2009

How I Spent the Day Yesterday

Yesterday was a blast! My granddaughter and I spent almost the entire day in the craft room exploring card making techniques new to her. She's really catching on, and is developing quite an eye for design details. I love it! The only time we came out was to eat and go swimming for a little while.

Today we are back at it, but first I wanted to share the cards she made yesterday.

Please leave a comment about Tay's cards, so I can share it with her,
and thank you for visiting my blog and looking!


  1. Oh my goodness these cards are just gorgeous ! Very well done Tay ! :-)

    You have obviously inherited your grandma's talent :-)

    Lorraine x x

    p.s I have a little blog candy if you would like to enter ! :-)

  2. Tay, your cards are beautiful! I hope you had a great time making them with your grandmother.

  3. Tay, what a great card. You definately have the touch!! Keep up the good work!

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