Saturday, September 20, 2008


Okay, it's not completely finished, yet, but I have a fully functioning craft room now! I was able to use existing components (wire shelves, desks, etc.) to get organized, so there was no expense there. I still have to get storage for the stamp pads and refills, and I definitely want to do something different for the window treatment - I can't stand those vertical blinds. Eventually I plan to stamp each stamp so I can organize the images by subject in a binder. I don't even know what all I have in that department! Anyway, it may not have coordinated, matching color units, but it works, and that's what counts!

You probably can't really see it, but the ribbons, Primas, and eyelets/brads are all in their color families. I even have the Stickles (on their sides) in the appropriate area. Now when I need "something" extra for a card, everything is easily accessible!

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