Friday, November 20, 2015

Thinking of Mandy

Everyday Occasions Card Kit

This "Thinking of You" card was sent to my cousin, who is fighting for her life battling Stage IV Melanoma. She's only 33 years old, and a mother of two adorable boys, and life is so freaking unfair sometimes that it takes my breath away. The treatment isn't working, so they are trying something new starting this week. The side effects from the first treatment have been horrendous, but she bravely keeps a smile on her face as she endures it.

I know this is such a very small thing, but I hope this "hug with a fold in the middle" brings a smile to her beautiful face. Love you Mandy Moo!

(I can see from the last two cards I've posted that I need to set up my photo area to take better pictures. Having the harsh sun shining on them doesn't look very good at all.)

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