Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Happy New Home

My BFF Barb just moved from Twin Falls to the Coeur d' Alene area, so of course I had to make a card for the occasion! After Googling her new address so I could see what her house looked like, I decided to make a card that looked like her front door. There are a few extras thrown in to dress it up, but the door looks exactly like her new front door!

Those In Color Dahlias worked perfectly for the flowers and the topiary! Barb has a green thumb, so I know her home will be surrounded by beautiful flowers in no time, as soon as it warms up enough.

There was a little gifty tucked inside, too. I looked up the nearest Starbucks location (only 0.7 miles away!) and sent a gift card with a map and a note that "motivation in a cup" was less than a mile away. 
From Millan.Net

She texted me today to say she was heading out to get some "motivation" and then starting the craft room. I can't wait to visit and see how she sets up the new studio! (Barb is the person responsible for me getting into paper crafting, and I curse thank her every day for my addiction!)


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