Friday, October 9, 2009

A Close Call. Oh, and a Luminaria!

Well, I had a near-disaster today, and if it weren't for my wonderful husband, who is a whiz with computers, I'd be locked up in a rubber room tonight.  (Hmmmm, rubber room doesn't sound so bad to a stamper, heh heh.)
We had a (scheduled) power outage today so the utility company could replace some poles.  Of course, I forgot it was scheduled for today, and awoke to the sound of our two UPS/surge protectors beeping incessantly - for - over - three - hours.  Beep beep beep beep (five second pause) beep beep beep beep (five second pause) beep beep beep beep.......By the time the batteries finally wore out I was on my last nerve.  Just before DH got home the power was restored, but the UPSs needed to be reset, which he did when he got home.
All of a sudden there was a  loud buzzing, and sparks and smoke coming from the back of my computer!  I thought for sure it was DEAD, that I had lost everything (and there is a lot) stored on it. I numbly went and sat in my stamp cave, and then the tears started.

But my knight in shining armor came to my rescue!  He's the one who had built it for me a couple years ago, and he thought that maybe, just maybe, the power source had gotten fried, but not the hard drive.  And he was RIGHT!  WOOHOOOOO!!!  So, the pictures I had just uploaded a day ago weren't lost, and here they are:

I found the LED flicker tea lights at the dollar store (2 pack!), so I feel safer using them instead of a real candle.  You can't even tell the difference!

I like the way the inside pattern of the DP shows through a little when the lights are out.  Did you notice the little skull next to the stamped one? :-D

Have a great weekend!  I have a class and a workshop on Saturday.  Yipppeee!  I'm looking forward to sharing the fun of stampin' with others!


  1. Aren't these cool? I haven't made one in years, but after seeing Jan Tink's post on them last week, I'm going to have to make more. Bet my stamp campers will like them too. Great idea to use the battery powered tealight.

  2. Awesome luminaries!! Boy, am I glad to hear your hard drive was ok. That could have been devistating!

  3. These are so amazing! (And even better looking in person, I might add! ;)) I love the tip about the LED lights too, gotta find me some of those!


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