Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Here's the Fourth Card!

This was the other card we made at my Sweet Treat Cups Card class (say that five times fast!) last Saturday.  I got the idea from my up-upline's (Natalie Travis) Fall Event last week, and thought it was pretty clever, too.  You don't have to hold the card over your head to keep the filled cup from spilling its contents into your mouth all over the place while adhering it to the card.  I suggest you do what I did....buy a big bag of Jelly Belly jelly beans (or other appropriate candy), pick out the colors that match your card, and eat the ones that are "rejects" save the rest for another project.
Free Smiley Courtesy of www.millan.net

Start with a half-sheet of cardstock, cut lengthwise (4¼" x 11").  Score at 3½" and 7".

Fold flaps in along score lines.  You should have a ½ inch flap showing on the right side.

Adhere a 3" x 3" piece of designer paper to the outside of the center panel, leaving an equal border at the bottom and two sides (top border should be larger, for sentiment).

Center 1¾ inch punch (pushed all the way in) and punch hole for treat cup.

Fill cup with candy and remove backing on adhesive.  (Note: Don't over fill the cup or the candy will push the cup away from the card to which it is adhered.)

Drop cup through hole from inside card, leaving adhesive face up.

Fold left flap (smaller side) over and press firmly to cup's adhesive.  When open and closed, it should look like this:

Insert slit punch so that side tabs are about ¼ inch from edge of right (larger) card flap.  Punch slit.

Cut a 3" length of ¼" grosgrain ribbon, fold in half and center on punched slit.  Use a 1/16" punch through all layers.

Insert brad through punched hole and trim ends of ribbon.

Add sentiment and embellishments, as desired!


  1. I really liked your idea. I recently had a stamp camp, and I like how your Christmas make and take came out. Wish I saw it before I had my camp.:O) Thanks.

  2. Yes, that is clever...however, I still miss that picture in my mind of you teetering the card and cup over your head in your happy room!!Beautiful card!

  3. Thank you for sharing your card design for the sweet cups. I have been going crazy trying to use them without spilling candy out or having layers on my cards that are crooked.



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