Monday, February 2, 2009

Almost Candy Time!

Okay, I promised I'd post the candy for when Heart's Delight blog reaches 2,500 hits. We're less than 200 away, so I guess I'll post a "teaser". You can see the candy, but you can't have the candy until it really reaches 2,500 hits, at which time I'll make a separate post with the rules for entry. I'm an evil wicked tease, aren't I? Heehee!

Since the Spellbinders Nestabilities was so desired last time, I figured I'd include the Labels One again. It is such a versatile set. And, of course, I had to include at least one Whiff of Joy stamp. This is the too-cute "Mouse Under Party Hat". I haven't actually inked mine up (I ordered 2), but I'll probably use it next week. The full list of what's in the candy jar will be posted when I open the contest. ;-)

I'll have a new card to show tomorrow. This has been a rather rough week (visiting a cousin who is in the end-stages of cancer), and I'm too tired to finish it and get the pics up tonight. I hope you all understand.


  1. Silly Question, I usually read your blog in google reader. There isn't anyway for you to see that is there?

    Great Candy btw~ Very nice stuff!

  2. Sara, I'm a little slow this morning and don't understand your question. Please help this me by re-phrasing it so my old brain cells can grasp what you mean. ;-)

  3. Cindy,
    Glad you like my post, I searched long and hard for pics to express what I was feeling! LOL I especially love that little pile of poo! HA! That needs to be made into a stamp! Glad you are back.

  4. Ooooh, that looks yummy! I vote that you give it away now. I mean you COULD be on 2500 visits and not know it because you've had counter issues. ;-) Just kidding - you're being generous so we can be patient.

    And to Sara - no, I don't think the counters usually capture a visit if you use a blog reader.


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